Machining Technology

Here we show a few parts we provide to the alternative energy markets, more specifically microturbines for natural gas.

Technology update: I. Auman Machine is capable of using solid models in our machining process. Models allow us to improve our machining processes and fixture building in-house, as well as design and build fixtures for our customers to fit any specification.

Machinery Update: We are still growing! We recently purchased a brand new VTL turning center with live tooling. The new “sister” machine to the Hancook VTL that was purchased in 2009 will also have the ability to swing up to 65.” This picture shows a part we recently ran on the new VTL.

Machinery Update: I. Auman Machine also added a new Kia boring mill. On a 4 ft. concrete foundation. The Kia is our largest machine.

Here we show multiple fixtures that Auman Machine has designed and engineered for customers from concept to finished product.



Continuous improvements at I. Auman Machine mean an “ever-changing” environment. As we improve our production methods and cost saving procedures, we are able to pass those savings along to our customers.

I. Auman Machine is a company of opportunity. With an experienced, talented staff of employees at I. Auman, we are able to offer excellent scheduling skills, which allow us to keep our customers’ production lines running.

We have developed excellent relationships with many foundries and have a good understanding of the foundry process. With several full-time manufacturing engineers, we now offer full service part production, from fixture development to development of manufacturing processes including tooling selection and acquisition. Auman Machine is even involved in the design process with customers to help make parts more “manufacturable” while still in the prototyping process.

Our business plan is to be the best at what we do and to grow as fast as the opportunities present themselves while maintaining our core values. To accomplish this, we strive to understand as much about our customers business as possible, so we can best serve their needs first. (see a list of our core values by downloading our facilities list PDF at the bottom of the home page).

Auman Facilities List 588.08 K | 11/10/2011



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